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Relationships are complex and there are many situations and problems that can affect them. They can be triggered by unexpected events such as redundancy, illness or death and even expected changes such as moving house, a new baby or having parents move into the same home.

Additionally, some relationships are highly stressful, for example, when a partner is abusive or an alcoholic, has affairs or may be suffering from a long-term illness.

All of these issues can put substantial pressure on the relationship and can lead to each partner feeling stressed, anxious and depressed.


Myths About Therapy

What do you think of when you think of therapy? Is it the anxiety and worry of how long it will all take, and more importantly, how much it will all cost? Maybe you are thinking that therapy just doesn’t match up to the success of medication?

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BACP Registered & Acredited

When considering therapy it is essential to choose a therapist who has both completed a thorough and rigorous training and who is professionally accredited and experienced.