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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a ‘talking therapy’. It is based on the idea that we unconsciously repeat patterns from our past in our current lives.

Sometimes we may be aware already of these patterns, but at other times, they may be more hidden from consciousness. These thoughts and emotions by their very nature are deep rooted and can often be very unhelpful and destructive. In our work together my aim is to try to explore and understand with you the less conscious aspects of the thoughts, feelings and behavior which may be contributing to the distress that has caused you to seek help.

I do not offer advice or tell you what to do, or what not to do. Instead, together, we try to understand the difficulties as you describe them and make sense of their meaning for you. Gaining insight into the nature of underlying emotional problems in this way can bring relief, and also opens up the possibility of changing the unhelpful patters that were being repeated without awareness.

Psychotherapy provides the opportunity to explore aspects of oneself in a non-judgemental and supportive environment, secure in the knowledge that the process is entirely confidential.

How It Works?

Your first appointment will be a consultation interview. The purpose of this interview is to give us an opportunity to begin talking about what is troubling you, and to explore whether this type of therapy is most appropriate for you. If we do agree to continue, we will meet at the same day and the same time at least once week (if necessary it might be two or three sessions a week). Sessions last for 50 minutes. Having a set time and regular day for sessions is very important to give a sense of continuity to the process of the therapy. Whatever is foremost on your mind is brought to the session. This can be feelings, thoughts, memories or dreams. In other words, you can tell whatever is important to you on that particular day and I will listen to you attentively. Through the relationship that is built between us, you will develop a better understanding of yourself and as a result may find relief from whatever problem or emotional difficulty that has caused you to seek help in the first place.

How Long Does It Take?

Understandably this is often a question that concerns individuals before starting on therapy, and equally it is difficult to predict. Often there can be an immediate relief from beginning to talk if that possibility has not been there before. Real change that will last even during stressful situations in the future is not easy to come by. It takes time to build trust with a therapist in order to talk freely. People are not simple, and it can take time to explore the nature of problem in ways that lead to a deepening of understanding and not superficial quick answers. I work on time-limited and open-ended basis and it is always your decision to continue or not. Having said that it is always beneficial to work through to a planned ending in therapeutic process.

Myths About Therapy

What do you think of when you think of therapy? Is it the anxiety and worry of how long it will all take, and more importantly, how much it will all cost? Maybe you are thinking that therapy just doesn’t match up to the success of medication?

Detailed Information

BACP Registered & Acredited

When considering therapy it is essential to choose a therapist who has both completed a thorough and rigorous training and who is professionally accredited and experienced.