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OCD is a long-term condition characterised by thoughts that make you feel anxious (obsessions) and behaviors you employ to reduce this anxiety (compulsions) and it is one of the most common mental health problems.

Anxiety-provoking thoughts can preoccupy the mind and will not disappear, despite the individual's best efforts not to think of them. These thoughts could centre on contamination by germs, or that someone will be harmed because of the sufferer's negligence.

Sufferers may see pictures in their mind of violent or sexual images which are completely out of character; however, importantly sufferers do not act upon these images. To help reduce the anxiety caused by these negative thoughts individuals may have rituals such as washing hands repeatedly, constant checking, and constantly asking for reassurance from others that everything is okay.

Consequently, OCD can disable the life of the individual to such a dramatic extent that depression can also be a problem, as well as cause damage to relationships both professionally and personally. OCD can be diagnosed if the obsessions and compulsions take up excessive amounts of time (approximately more than one hour), lead to significant distress and interfere with daily functioning in domestic life, study, work, social life and relationships.


Myths About Therapy

What do you think of when you think of therapy? Is it the anxiety and worry of how long it will all take, and more importantly, how much it will all cost? Maybe you are thinking that therapy just doesn’t match up to the success of medication?

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When considering therapy it is essential to choose a therapist who has both completed a thorough and rigorous training and who is professionally accredited and experienced.